Understanding Nail Fungus and its Effects

Nail fungus is something that many people are ashamed to admit to having. But because of this they don’t even try to treat it and it will eventually get worse and can often lead to losing nails and infecting other nails too. So if you happen to have noticed anything different with your nails, the first step is to get them checked out to see exactly what is wrong.

What is nail fungus?


Nail fungus is basically a group of tiny living organisms that infect certain places on and off the body. They thrive in dark areas where they have protection above them. That’s why nails are a perfect place for them to grow.

nail fungusThey can spread from nail to nail and even onto someone else’s feet too. There are millions and millions of people all over the world that have this type of fungus (known as onychomycisis) so you are not alone if you have it yourself. There is also a fungus called trichophyton rubrum which is a main cause of fungus on the nails and also athlete’s foot.

How to treat nail fungus


The absolute most important thing you need to do to treat fungus on your nails is to start NOW. The sooner you begin the easier and faster it is to kill of the fungus and get your nails back healthy again.

So let’s look at several ways you can start to remove the fungus today:

Keep them clean – Making sure your feet are clean at all times can really make sure the fungus doesn’t start to grow in the first place. So always make sure to thoroughly clean your feet at least once per day.

Keep them dry – The fungus will grow faster in damp areas, so if your feet are sweaty and moist it helps it to grow. Always dry your feet off really well when washing them and try to wear shoes that allow your feet to breath so they don’t become too sweaty.

Trim your nails – By keeping your nails short, it doesn’t give the fungus much room to grow and expand. The rule of thumb is to never let your nails grow longer than the end of your toes.


Keep protected in public areas – As mentioned above, fungus can be spread to other people. So if you are in a public area then wear shower shoes or swimming socks to protect your feet from other people’s fungus.

These are just a few simple things you can do today to help prevent toenail fungus from occurring on your feet.

We hope this article helps you to understand toenail fungus better and that it will help you prevent getting it in the first place. Always consult a doctor if you have concerns about anything new or different on your body.

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